Fendi men autumn 2022

Fendi men autumn 2022

“The desire to celebrate is back.” So Silvia Venturini believes Fendi, as she reflected on the “dressing ceremony, which we risked losing” given the lack of special moments in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now she feels that “this need had completely returned”.

The collection she presented for the fall was clearly intended to meet that need. The looks were polished, mixing dandy accents and feminine elements, but never too formal. For example, traditional Vichy tweeds and pied-de-poule patterns were revisited, both scaled down and enlarged.

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Working with new proportions and mixing different shapes, Venturini Fendi returned to the shorter double-breasted jacket she presented for spring, but also offered more flowing volumes.

“I hate the word comfort — we’ve been wearing pajamas and sweats for too long — but no one wants to feel restricted in stiff or formal attire,” she said.

Accordingly, blazers looked like capes and jackets that opened at the sides or back to allow freedom of movement and the addition of inserts. Pants were also slit on the back of the ankles. Bermudas were roomy and baggy pants swung with a hanging half skirt. Outerwear featured dropped shoulders and Dolman sleeves.

Fendi’s craftsmanship was reflected in the etched O’Lock sheep and a complex intarsia sheep. The O’Lock chain motif appeared as a new monogram on pieces.

The color palette was mainly subdued and natural, with accents of strong raspberry and mocha, while the designer emphasized the textures and bold graphics.

The Fendi man is no wallflower and is sure to take pleasure in the brand’s range of accessories, including many jewelry this season. While “cufflinks used to be their must-have jewels,” the designer said, now it’s time for men to wear delicate floral brooches, crystal FF pendants and O’Lock chokers, as well as that evergreen pearl necklace.

And what better way to dress than to wear a baguette in the same fabric as the clothing — “almost an extension” of the clothing, Venturini Fendi said — or supersized like a soft FF-embossed suitcase. At the other end of the spectrum, the brand’s signature bestseller was shrunk as a miniature chain pouch or shown in metal and plexiglass.

Other accessories included two-tone wingtip Chelsea boots, O’Lock patent leather shoes with scalloped edges and a new sneaker with a stretched FF logo. The Peekaboo bag had been reduced to a large, structured shopper with FF logo panels, also rendered in the season’s Vichy plaid wool, called Peekaboo FForty8.

There were plenty of eye-catching sunglasses, and the designer turned one of men’s most classic accessories into ‘a fetish’, with watches on Mary Jane brogues closed with wristwatch straps.

Venturini Fendi also showcased the brand’s first cryptocurrency wallet, as both the O’Lock motif and Baguette design were transformed into luxury tech accessories for the Ledger Nano X, the leading digital hardware wallet for cryptocurrency and digital assets.

Whatever the currency, Fendi’s fall collection will have customers reaching for their wallets.

Launch Gallery: Fendi Mens Fall 2022

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