five style hacks and tips to know

five style hacks and tips to know

Since we live in the UAE, we spend most of our time trying to keep cool. Going for light and loose silhouettes and sandals nine months out of the year, we’re itching to pull on oversized sweaters and leather pants as soon as the mercury dips below 25°C. Visitors from much colder climes can laugh at residents wearing boots by the beach.

It’s not just about the desire to show off our winter investments. It’s also about acclimation. Who hasn’t stepped onto their balcony at 18°C, shivering and tossed in an outfit more befitting a crisp autumn day in Europe? But after the morning commute, when the weather warms up, that turtleneck sweater starts to feel like a bad idea more often than not.

The key to functionality and winter fashion lies in some clever styling hacks. These tips below will show you how to embrace your turtlenecks, outerwear, and knee-high boots.

It’s all about that base

When dressing in frigid climates, it’s all about the base layers. Anyone who has ever been to snowy regions knows the importance of thermals. However, the base takes on a different meaning in warmer environments like the UAE, where the temperature doesn’t get too low.

To give yourself a sense of ease when styling your look at the start of the day, always make sure your foundation is an important part of your ensemble. So when you’re out and about and things are starting to heat up, don’t mind showing off your tight white tee or silky shirt.

love your layers

A few layers is a fun way to experiment and can help take any outfit to the next level, especially in the colder months. From clashing prints to textures and even accessories, you can dress up even the simplest of looks.

Always work from the ground up. When the day gets warmer, consider wearing a shirt under a slip or go for materials like chiffon, mesh and lace. Another tip is to look for sleeveless outwears, such as a long blazer or trench coat.

Boss the boots

When it comes to wearing boots, it’s all about planning ahead. If you’re going from home to an air-conditioned office or heading out for the night, embrace this season’s knee-high boot trend.

Unlike street style stars in New York and London, who wear shearling and thigh-high styles, they look for slouchy silhouettes or boots that open at the top, allowing a little air to circulate. A cowboy boot is another great option to try, paired with a white lace dress suitable for the prairie.

Chunky Chelsea boots and combat style lace-ups are also having a moment. They finish at the ankle and are perfect for daytime wear, as long as the rest of your look isn’t too heavy and warm. This means that if you plan on having lunch outside, stay away from heavy jeans or knit dresses. Always wear with a pair of thin cotton socks for extra comfort. They can prevent moisture and sweating.

Time for tights

We still wear pants when it’s warm outside, so why not spice up your look with tights? Forget those 40 denier multipacks and look for opaque pieces with patterns or embellishments. Even the most renowned design houses have embraced the trend, offering logo-splashed looks that are ready to make a statement any time of the day. Work them into a monochromatic look before braving a color or two for an easy way to update your wardrobe. Team this season with a chunky boot for extra style points.

Lady and the turtleneck

A turtleneck sweater is a minimalist must-have. Whether you choose a shirt or a sweater, the problem is that it’s always a gamble if your neck is wet with sweat a few hours later. If you still want to make this style statement, there are three ways to do it.

First, choose a design where the neck is loose. This allows your body to breathe, meaning with a bit of luck you won’t find yourself flapping under the air conditioning and wishing you could take it off.

The following is obvious, but wear your turtleneck sweater as a layer so you can take it off in the afternoon and put it back on when the sun goes down. This means your outfit won’t be completely complete for most of the day, but it does give you options if your plans suddenly change.

Third, embrace the turtleneck, but not as you know it. Look at the turtleneck, otherwise known as a collar. Evolved to be worn over your outfit, it looks sleek with a crisp white shirt.

Updated: January 15, 2022, 4:13 AM

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