Foilayage and babylights dominate hair color trends in 2022

Foilayage and babylights dominate hair color trends in 2022

It’s official: Balayage is out after a powerful reign for what seems like an eternity.

Applied to create a stretched root effect, the highlighting technique is popular with people who prefer natural-looking locks, as well as those who don’t bother updating their growth every few weeks.

But while it’s bye-bye balayage, we say hello to a brand new graduated hair trend for 2022: foilayage.

Go freehand with foilayage

Foilayage gives the hair a sunkissed look.  Photo: Maggie Seman

The French technique is made using free-motion movements rather than the traditional technique of carefully weaving color through hair in sections, before wrapping in foil for better results.

“Foilayage provides the ultimate hair lift and is perfect for brunettes who want to be super blonde,” says Hicham Eid, creative director at Eideal and Davines Arabia.

“This technique creates the ultimate vibrant strands of color that look even better the bigger they get.”

Ruben Gutierrez Rubio, senior stylist at Pastels Salon in JBR and Jumeirah, has already seen a significant increase in customers requesting foilayage this year.

“The foilayage technique can be adapted to short or long hair to include a plethora of shades from ash blonde to warmer and more vibrant colors,” he says. “A good stylist will match the color to each client’s skin tone.”

Less stress with babylights

According to experts, babylights will be another big hair trend of 2022 for a natural-looking barnet.

“Babylights are delicate highlights, also created using a foiling technique, but only to highlight a few strands of hair to mimic the subtle, sun-kissed hair color often seen in children,” says Natalie Kasses, L’Oreal brand ambassador. Middle East .

“The technique involves painting bleach on finer sections of hair, as opposed to the thicker sections colored with the more commonly used highlighting method. The result is super subtle highlights that subtly soften the look of the hair and are very low maintenance.

“Best of all, the technique can be adapted to any hair color and they grow out beautifully too,” says Kasses.

Fans of the look

While foilayage is a relatively new trend, babylights have been a celebrity favorite for quite some time now.

“Sarah Jessica Parker was one of the first to champion the trend, using babylights with a dazzling effect to frame and flatter her face,” says Kasses. “Jessica Alba was also an early fan of the technique, and it worked beautifully for her as it was in perfect harmony with her relaxed style.

“Last week, Dakota Johnson debuted some beachy blonde babylights in her auburn hair, and her hair upgrade is a masterclass on how to get the trend right.”

Closer to home, Rubio’s client and fellow hairdresser Charlotte Nash is a big fan of foilayage.

“Despite being a hairdresser, I’m really new to colors, and foilayage was the perfect introduction for me,” she says. “I’m a brunette and even though I’ve only gone a few shades lighter, I feel kissed by the sun while still looking natural.

“It has given me new shades and dimensions, and I absolutely love it.”

Style it right

When it comes to styling both multi-tonal looks, Rubio prefers a tousled effect.

“My favorite way to style this technique is to wave the hair, because then you can appreciate the dimension of the colors and shades,” he says. “Although it also looks great on straight and curly hair.”

Eid says the possibilities are endless. “There are countless cuts and color combinations that help bring out the very best in stunning hues,” he says. “I’d recommend tousled beach waves, long layers, a layered bob, and a face frame blowout.”

Show your locks some love

For Kasses, maintenance is the key to great foliage and babylights. “Take care of them the same way you would regular highlights,” she advises. “For example, use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners to keep them fresh and long-lasting.

“Always use a heat-protective product and avoid extremely high temperatures. The Dyson hair tools are a great styling option because they don’t damage the hair.”

Meanwhile, Eid’s tips will be well received by the low-maintenance public. “The general rule is not to wash your foilayage hair very often,” he says. “If you wash your hair every day, the beautiful color will fade faster.

“Ideally you should not wash your hair more than two or three times a week and always use a specific range for blond hair. Also invest in nourishing products that maintain the health of your hair, as well as in salon or at-home treatments.”

Updated: January 15, 2022, 9:45 AM

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