Is 2010s Tumblr Style Making a Comeback?  – CR Fashion Book

Is 2010s Tumblr Style Making a Comeback? – CR Fashion Book

It’s 2014 and you’re scrolling through your favorite platform, Tumblr. My mom doesn’t know you have an account and your playlist consists of The 1975, Arctic Monkeys, Twenty Pilots and The Neighborhood playing at low volume in the background to set the mood. A photo of a girl with purple space buns will appear in your feed. The pop of pastels will look great on your blog filled with photos of girls in fishnets and high-top Converses and reposts of haunting lyrics from your favorite “indie” bands. You should reblog.

For years we cringed at our Tumblr days. Chokers went out of style, American Apparel lost its grip on popular fashion and we abandoned our record players for Spotify.

2014 tumblr aesthetic soft grunge fashion

Kyle Jenner in 2014


2014 tumblr aesthetic soft grunge fashion

Barbie Ferreira in 2014

Instagram @barbieferreira

However, as we enter 2022, TikTok has grown nostalgic for their 2014 Tumblr blogs. Users look back to the 2010s and reminisce about a time when American Apparel skater skirts were the height of fashion, a record player was an indispensable accessory and no look was complete without the combination of black eyeliner with wings and a choker .

Looking back at Tumblr in the 2010s, multiple aesthetics come to mind, with the most popular aesthetic currently resurfacing as soft grunge and ‘two’.

2014 tumblr aesthetic soft grunge fashion


2014 tumblr aesthetic two fashion


The soft grunge aesthetic is often what we think of when it comes to Tumblr’s teenage angst. The aesthetic consists of a color scheme of mainly black and white with pastel accents. Makeup is sharp and dark with sharp-winged eyeliner or smudged black eyeshadow and liner. Lips are often matte, covered in dark lipstick colors ranging from deep red to dark purple and black. Dip-dyed or pastel hair are staples of this aesthetic, and participants often wear space buns, pigtails, and messy buns.

2014 tumblr aesthetic soft grunge fashion

Kylie Jenner in 2014


Garments include Doc Martens, denim jackets, converse, tennis skirts, band t-shirts, and basically anything from Urban Outfitters. The aesthetic extends beyond fashion to music and room decor. Members of the aesthetic community listen to indie-category music such as Lana Del Rey, The Smiths, Arctic Monkeys, and Halsey, and decorate their rooms with cacti, records and marble. There were members on Tumblr who repost fearful lyrics, watch again Hides to get fashion inspiration from Effy Stonem and go to concerts with a heart on their cheeks.

2014 tumblr aesthetic soft grunge fashion

Lana Del Rey in 2015


Paying tribute to the soft grunge aesthetic, TikTok users are creating videos that revive Tumblr’s popular outfits, recreate their 2014 makeup routines, and rate their style in the mid-2010s, with many videos and comments urging viewers to “embrace tradition” and “bring back 2014”.

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The two aesthetic revolves around whimsical and feminine fashion. The word ‘two’ means extremely strange or graceful. Garments include cardigans, blouses, patterned tights, berets and bows which are often worn in bright colors and pastels and patterns such as polka dots and stripes. Members of the aesthetic can be seen wearing thick-frame sports glasses and taking pictures with vintage cameras. The aesthetic appreciates music such as Britpop, musical theater and classic rock as well as obscure or unique artists and songs and is heavily influenced by indie films.

arlington, texas October 23 zooey deschanel walks on the field in front of the spangled banner prior to game four of the mlb world series between the st louis cardinals and the texas rangers at rangers ballpark in arlington on october 23, 2011 in arlington, texas photo by tony gutierrez poolgetty images

Zooey Deschanel performs at the 2011 World Series Game

Swimming poolGetty Images

Kourtney Kardashian with a 'two' look in New York City, 2010

Kourtney Kardashian Wearing a ‘Two’ Look in New York City, 2010

fly net

TikTok users nostalgic for the aesthetic look back at their two outfits and use music from the band She & Him, a musical duo composed of M.Ward and New Girl actress Zooey Deschanel. Deschanel has become the face of the aesthetic with her bright and childlike outfits and whimsical, quirky attitude that has become emblematic of the two-person aesthetic. Deschanel herself looked back at some of her two outfits on TikTok.

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TikTok has always been a fan of nostalgia as aesthetics like kidcore and 90s grunge have hit the platform. This trendy aesthetic has come and gone with some of them, like Y2K, that stick around for the long haul. Users connect through nostalgic childhood memories and collaborate to bring back fashion, makeup and ideas from previous years, with many of the revived trends coming from the 2000s and 2010s.

It’s unclear if the Tumblr aesthetic of 2014 is here to stay, but now relive all your teenage angst by busting out your Doc Martens and playing The 1975 at full volume.


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