Tom Brady’s clothing brand is here: let’s see

Tom Brady’s clothing brand is here: let’s see

Right now it’s not even a discussion that Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback to ever play football. That dude just wins everything. He is allergic to losing. Now TB12 is venturing into the clothing game and releasing Brady Brand, his own clothing line complete with his very own Pantone hue.

After the announcement last year, today the line of “technical clothing for training and life” finally debuted. With one of the most valuable names in the sport of clothing, it’s no surprise that some products are on the more expensive side.

T-shirts alone cost $50 to $75, such as the Regenerate Jersey Short Sleeve, which has an athletic yet boxy fit and technical features, keeping it performance-oriented but up-to-date with current fashion trends.

The Zero Hydro Yarn Short Sleeve Polo costs $120, a Regenerate Ponte Hoodie costs $175, the Tunnel Trench jacket costs $295, and a hoodie with the BRADY name on it costs $95.

Basically, this brand bridges a gap between sportswear and streetwear, creating items that work like fashion items and athletic wear in the gym. So essentially it comes down to Tom Brady’s public image well.

“You have to think about what people are really looking for,” Brady told HypeBeast. “There’s an aspect of performance in everyday wear that we really want to do. The knowledge I’ve gained over the years and how functional clothing has been part of my sport over the past 20 years has really enabled us to develop something where we can really leave a mark.”

Going forward, Brady Brand will follow the route of other sportswear companies and license the names and likenesses of other athletes, including some college athletes who are now free to do so thanks to the NCAA’s relaxed NIL rules.

Brady Brand also keeps things current by entering the crypto world. In his HypeBeast interview, Brady said he is interested in accepting cryptocurrency as payment for products, and confirmed that there would be NFT links for the clothing brand.

“There will certainly also be an intersection of tangible assets with clothing in virtual form,” he said. “For example things that people can buy and use in their games – they can create unique characters, unique looks and unique styles. I have a very creative, imaginative 12 year old boy who loves these types. He keeps me on the aware of what’s happening in the digital world, but that’s definitely the direction the world is going.”

Love him or hate him, Tom Brady has things just right. The clothing brand team has clearly spent a lot of time thinking about which items would look current yet timeless, stylish yet functional. As lifelong Philadelphia Eagles fans soon to meet Tom Brady in the playoffs, it pains us to say this, but Brady just nailed it again.

Whether NFT pairings are the future as he thinks, at least it’s big right now, so he’s smart to integrate some virtual clothes alongside his real products. And as one of the biggest NFL stars to ever play the game, Brady’s name alone should help move a lot of units.

It’s frustrating how good he is at everything.

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